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Friday, September 23, 2011


Name: Arvin Arrozal(arbys2k on NT)

Age: 32

Location: Pomona, CA

Shoe size: 11-11.5(but I’ve squeezed into a few 10.5 AMs)

Hello TAF members! After years of lurking(probably since 07-08), I’ve decided to finally apply for membership. I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Arvin and I currently live in Pomona CA but I’ve lived in many places due to being a military brat. I work as an Electrical Engineer for a small Engineering firm. It can be boring but it pays the bills(and for all my expensive hobbies). From time to time, I also help out at a local sneaker consignment store.

Like many, my obsession with sneakers started with Jordans(for me it was 1989 when I first saw the Jordan IV). I didn’t get into AMs/runners till 1994 when I bought my first pair of Nike running shoes, the Air Structure Triax ‘94s. I bought them to bboy in because I wanted to be different from all the other guys in my crew who were rocking pumas and adidas. Because I was only allowed one or two pairs of sneakers a year growing up, I did not really get into AMs back then. It wasn’t until around 2002 that I started really buying and following AMs. 2002 was also the year I just plain went stupid crazy with sneakers, especially Nike. It got pretty ridiculous. In 2006, I took a break from the whole thing and started slowly selling off most of my collection. However, I could never really let go of my AM collection which I found the most difficult to let go. I started buying sneakers again in 09 but this time I keep it mostly to AMs and other runners/trainers(with a few older J’s here and there) which is what I normally wear now due to the classic styling and comfort.

As you can see from my collection, my favorite of all the Air Max models is the AM90 with the Infrareds and Escape IIs probably my two most favorite. I’m still on the hunt for another pair of that Air Structure Triax ’94 that first got me into AMs but they still elude me. As far as numbers or ultra rareness, I would say my collection is fairly average. This is the main reason I never thought to apply for membership before and why I lurked for so many years. I never thought I really had anything to contribute. But I’ve realized in the past year that it’s really not the shoes themselves that make Team AM Fam but the common bond and appreciation that these sneakers bring. TAF members have also been some of the most helpful people I’ve dealt with on NT even to a non-member like myself. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of the photography of many of the TAF members. Well, I guess that’s about it. Thanks!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Name: Rich
Age: 28
From: Brisbane, Australia
Shoe size: 11-11.5 depending on the model

Hello Team Am Fam...

Where to start...

Little bit about me... My name is Rich, I'm 28 years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia. My family and I moved here from Northern Ireland when I was about 7 and have lived here ever since. I work as a Spray painter, Mainly fixing up cars that have been damaged in an accident but sometimes we get to do race/show cars aswell. Not a very air max friendly job but it does help pay for them...

I've always been a sneaker fan, would generally buy 4-5 pairs a year which at the time I thought was fairly excessive, Nothing really special, just stuff I’d see in footlocker that would grab my eye. As a kid I’d always wanted some Jordan’s or air max but my parents refused. Jordan's were a definite no no due to the price and every time I’d ask for air max mum would say no because she was afraid the bubbles would burst lol...

I ended up buying my first pair of air max when i was about 11 or 12 with some money i got for christmas...Have no idea what they were but they defiantely had bubbles :) Basically I’d say I 'officially' started collecting sneakers in 2008. I was fairly into Adidas for a while before that... once again nothing special just random models. I eventually bought a pair of AM's for nostalgia reason's I guess and it's just spiralled from there...

At the moment I have around 60 pairs in my air max collection .Obviously 87's are my favourite. Nothing compared to a lot of your collections but it's growing on a weekly basis. There's so many pairs that I need to get but not enough pay cheques unfortunately. I have a lot of other shoes that I need to sell. Purely because I need the room And they aren't really seeing much wear these day's anyway...

Well I guess that's pretty much it. I hope I didn't bore you too much. So if you guys don't mind having another Aussie in the FAM I’d love to join...

Thanks for considering my application...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Name: Marcus/MARKIX

Age: 24

Location: San Antonio, TX

Shoe size: 9.5

My love for air maxes started in late 2005. I had been into sneakers for some time but wasn’t collecting air maxes. Then I noticed one of my friends would wear his HOA infrareds all the time. At that point I started to research various air max models and Colorways. Not until late 2006 did I start purchasing them but at a slow pace. Although my collection is relatively small, I must admit now I am ADDICTED to collecting Air Maxes. My favorite Air max is AM1 Urawa. With that said, I have talked to many of in various ways, and love the camaraderie that you all have. I hope to join the fam! Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Alfred Croswell
Philadelphia, PA
age : 25

I grew up with alot of foot problems as a kid and i was always shopping for comfortable shoes. As i got older i found my self loving am 90s and am 87/1 because of the mesh toe box that gave my feet alot more room for comfort. Even tho im also a giant air Jordan head I found air maxes alot easier to wear especially when it came to walking around and hours at the gym. At the end i found myself wearing am 87/1 alot. Its my favorite shoe just about to wear anywhere. Also while working in health care i found that ams are alot easier to stand around all day while seeing patients as of right now my air max 2010s is my current work shoe. well here are pics of my collection hope you guys enjoy!!


San Jose, Ca.

FOR THE LOVE OF AIR..... 1st off let me say thanks to all the people who gave me a hand throughout the years. I have always been in and out the AM thread. Throughout the years I noticed something, the thread has stayed loyal. Best thread on the web.

My love for the Air Max has always been there. I just never really got into it till i was in high school. Never really bought AMs till then. As a young dude, I liked them just never thought they looked cool on my feet. It took me a few years to mature up and wear a running shoe for casual wear. Ever since then, I been rocking them hard. My got to AM would have to be the 87. I love that shoe.... Wish I started collected AMs back when I stated collecting shoes as a whole. There is so much out there I wish i can get my hands on. Hopefully one day my hunt for all the AMs I want will end. I know I dont have much like most yall in here but its still a work in progress. Thank you guys for always allowing me to drop in. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Thanks for all the love. With that said here is my AIR MAX FAM Application.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My name is Jon White aka spotshooter from NikeTalk. I am from Sheboygan, WI and I am 24. I first fell in love with Nike Air Max's in 1995 with the release of the Air Max '95 neons. I didn't have the resources when I was younger to get the shoes that I liked but now, with the help of retro releases and a full time job, I can finally have the shoes that I've always wanted. With that said, this is my application for Team AMFAM.


My name is Dave / NT- davey5737
I live in Virginia
I'm 21
Size 12
My love for AM started when I got my first pair of 90s (all black) for work. After seeing how comfortable they were (server job - on my feet all day), I started buying more and more, and now the majority of my new purchases are for air maxes. I love the classic designs of the 1, 90, and 95, among others. The quality (of older am's) is amazing, and I love the colorways and collaborations. AM's are more of an everyday shoe for me, which adds to their appeal. The only NT thread I actually frequent these days is the TAF thread; I love seeing others who have as much appreciation for the AM brand as I do - pickups, wears, info on new stuff, and just general discussion in there is always good. Favorites of mine include the Atmos Safari AM1 (still on the hunt), Neon AM95, and Infrared Structure Triax 91 (still need the blue toes).
Here is my current AM collection: